Founding Organizations and Leaders

The three pioneering care systems of the DPI are:

Commonwealth Care Alliance /Boston’s Community Medical Group (CCA/BCMG) – a not-for-profit care delivery system based in Boston, Massachusetts, committed to providing integrated health care and related social support services. Created in 2003, Commonwealth Care Alliance is a “consumer-governed” organization offering a full spectrum of medical and social services for people with complex needs covered under Medicaid and for those “dually eligible” covered by both Medicaid and Medicare, including:

  • older adults (65+)
  • individuals with serious physical, cognitive, or chronic mental illness

Commonwealth Care Alliance is organized as a “consumer-governed care system” to ensure that the empowered consumer voice is built into all activities. The fact that the founding partners of Commonwealth Care Alliance are Community Catalyst, Health Care for All (HCFA)* and Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL) attests to this commitment, and thus fundamentally breaks new ground for the role of advocacy. HCFA and BCIL serve as Commonwealth Care Alliance’s corporate members; in this role these two organizations select Commonwealth Care Alliance’s Board of Directors and have established the organizations bylaws.

Commonwealth Care Alliance’s mission is to provide the best possible care, tailored individually to the needs of all elders as well as to people across the age spectrum with special health care needs throughout the state of Massachusetts, by bringing to scale proven clinical strategies that improve care and manage costs, within a team-based, consumer-directed, prepaid, care delivery program. CCA’s Vision is to bring people with complex medical and behavioral health needs high quality and personalized care resulting in improved health and better self-management of chronic illness.  CCA is constantly striving to bring care and community to more and more people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, whatever their health or living status.

Chief Executive Officer: Robert J. Master, MD

Community Health Partnership (CHP)  – based in Western Wisconsin, served some 1,800 frail elders and adults with disabilities in two programs: 1) a fully-integrated, Dual Special Needs Plan (Wisconsin Partnership Program), and 2) FamilyCare, a managed long-term care plan.

CEO Emeritus, Paul Cook

Independence Care System (ICS) is dedicated to supporting adults with physical disabilities and chronic conditions to live at home and participate fully in community life. ICS operates a nonprofit Medicaid managed long-term care plan serving residents of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.

Chief Executive Officer, Rick Surpin

CCA/BCMG, CHP, and ICS have decades of experience caring for Medicaid and dual beneficiaries with involved physical disabilities in small-scale programs financed by (varying iterations of) risk-adjusted Medicaid and Medicare global payments. These care programs collectively feature disability-specific primary care redesign, individualized medical equipment and personal assistant service allocation and management approaches, enhanced care coordination, clinical competence in care for people with disabilities, and consumer engagement in design, management and governance. Each program has demonstrated success in improving the patient experience, improving the care and health of the population and reducing costs, through the prevention of, and early intervention on, secondary complications.