Mission and Vision

The Mission of the DPI is to further the development, evaluation, and refinement of disability-competent care standards and practices. We will accomplish this by developing, defining, and refining the Disability Care Practice (DCP) model, and by providing a forum for meaningful consumer/participant input into this process.

The DPI serves as a nexus for innovation and dissemination of disability-competent care by:

  • Facilitating the sharing of disability-competent health care and services via both self-assessments and Learning Collaboratives
  • Addressing barriers to care, and providing a strong, population-focused foundation and curriculum for the new model.
  • Documenting and supporting the model of Disability Care Practice with quality standards, providing the blueprint for both expansion and replication of the pioneering/founding programs.
  • Supporting the development of a regulatory framework and contracting specifications to guide the replication and financing of DCP programs.
  • Serving as the clearinghouse for disability-competent care, using data and experience to develop and continually refine best practices.

The Vision of the DPI is that in 10 years, persons with disabilities will live independently if they so choose, with all the services and support they need to remain as valued, active participants in their communities. If and when individuals need care, the care will be immediate, available 24/7, provided by an interdisciplinary team, fully accessible, available at home, reliable, respectful, and driven by the choices and needs of each individual.